UGC Creator Position

Eyelash Extension Kit Creator Position

Hoka Lash is dedicated to empowering and equipping aspiring and existing lash artists with top-of-the-line professional lash extension supplies and comprehensive training. Our flagship Eyelash Extension Kit is designed to provide not only the tools but also the knowledge necessary to kickstart or elevate a career in lash artistry.

Each kit comes with a mannequin head for practical training, high-quality lash glue, precision tweezers, and other essential tools. What sets our kit apart is that every purchase grants access to our online lash training course, a lash business startup success blueprint, lash mapping practice sheets, a lash eye style guide cheat sheet, and a detailed lash training manual. Once completed, users will receive a guaranteed lash certification.

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What Does It Mean to Be a Hoka Lash UGC Creator?

As a UGC Creator, you're a key player in sharing the Hoka Lash story and the exciting experience our product offers. Your creative content will be a crucial part of our brand's voice and identity.

Your Responsibilities

As a UGC Creator, we'll expect you to:

1. Content Creation: Create and post 1 to 3 videos per day on TikTok using our Eyelash Extension Kits. These can be tutorials, product reviews, creative uses – anything that showcases the product and your creativity.

2. Community Engagement: We have a vibrant community of creators on Discord, and we expect all our creators to actively participate, interact, and keep each other motivated.

Compensation Structure

We believe in rewarding our UGC Creators fairly for their creativity and effort:

1. Base Pay: You'll receive $600 per month.

2. Commissions: You'll earn a 20% commission for every Eyelash Extension Kit sold through your unique link or discount code. That's approximately $15 per kit!

With every video you create, you increase your chances of going viral and making substantial earnings from your commissions. Some creators have even earned over $10,000 from a single video!

Your Branding

To ensure brand consistency, you'll be creating a new TikTok account using our brand name and our logo. This means you won't have to mix your personal content with your Hoka Lash content. We'll provide all the guidance you need for setting up the account.

Ready to Amplify Your Creativity with Hoka Lash?

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We're looking forward to seeing your creativity flourish with Hoka Lash!